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Hold entry in your chosen university.

With strategic and expert mentorship offered by 1-1 course, you will fulfil your aspirations to research at Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, and other premier universities.

We do whatever it takes to help you achieve your targets. We agree that every student needs personalised help.


Since our tutors and advisors have graduated from international universities and help you get admission in

Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, AUR, UWL, UWS, UW, LSE, UCL and more. Many of these tutors have some of the most outstanding academic and extra-curricular backgrounds of any other group of tutors and mentors.


Graduate Enrollment in the EU/UK/USA/CANADA.


Along with qualifying for the programme, there are essay and other criteria to be met.

EU/USA/UK colleges admissions.


Including the techniques for selection phase, personal statement assistance, and interview planning.