Coaching & Mentoring Planning & Strategies

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Coaching and Mentoring Services

Five days of Core Skills in Coaching and Mentoring preparation, certified by a TheIBMC at the Foundation Leve for Advisors, Mentors, and Teachers/in-house or distance learning.


  • Members and Administrators
  •  In the Workplace, Peer Coaching (for all working professionals)
  •  Training Program for Executive Coaching and Mentoring
  •  Following the foundation:
  •  Education at the practitioner stage
  •  Continuing career learning for TheIBMC Coaching & Mentoring training program graduates.


Coaching and mentoring are constantly being used as important strategies to close the difference between ability and success in the workplace in an environment of dynamic partnerships, quick contact, and continuous transition.


Coaching and mentoring apply innovation, motivation, and attention to the wide variety of challenges we encounter regularly. It provides resources and strategies to help us grow our "best potential selves" and the selves of others with whom we interact.



The TheIBMC  Coaching & Mentoring training program is consistent with our mission as a world-class performing arts institution: to help, challenge, and empower development. We are unique in merging academic instruction rigour with the equally essential realistic, performative components of successful coachings, such as active listening and presence.


Our teaching is fully immersive and offers a diverse mix of philosophy and reality. Linden Learning, a professional coaching company, is partnering with us to provide training. As our preferred accreditation affiliate, we collaborate with an international coaching network that provides a developmental roadmap toward recognised incremental practice and expertise stages. Delegates to our courses can apply for Individual Accreditation for their achievements.


 We believe in the transforming impact of coaching and mentoring at all stages, assisting individuals in reaching their full capacity and performing at their peak. We have several coaching training courses, varying from entry-level Foundation courses to advanced level instruction and training for Senior Executives planning for a career change into the Executive Coaching field.


Our Affiliate network of Executive Coaches offers instruction and leadership guidance to individuals and companies.

What are the results of coaching and mentoring?

Any company may benefit immensely from the services of a professional coach or instructor. Coaching and mentoring credentials from ILM enhance organisational efficiency, dispute solving, leadership and interpersonal abilities, and growing trust and inspiration.


According to our most recent study, coaching and mentoring will have a positive effect on the workplace in some ways:


  • More strong teams
  • Encouragement of skilled staff
  • Employees' desire to identify with the organisation's philosophy and ethos also improved.
  • A more welcoming community
  • Increased employee loyalty


Staff retention has improved.

Tools for expert teaching

Expert-created teacher manuals, editable PowerPoint slides, pre-course reading, trainer handouts, and bite-sized videos to assist you in providing entertaining coaching courses.

Coaching Success: Five Strategies to Make a Difference at Work


'Coaching will enhance the organisation's morale, efficiency, and productivity.' Learn our most comprehensive study on career coaching.

With the best coaching and mentoring methods, companies and organisations may fully change regarding staff growth and efficacy. By leading individuals to learn new abilities or tap into undiscovered aspirations, organisations may achieve new heights of competitiveness, reliability, and effectiveness.


Mentoring, by individual development, generates an ecosystem in which practitioners from all sectors produce ideas to support each other evolution. This transcends awareness and experience. When handled well, it fosters a nurturing atmosphere where everybody will flourish.

Let us take a deeper look at how successful coaching and mentoring can be at all organisation levels.

Breaking into the conventional leadership model. Before delving into the benefits of developing human capacity, defining and even challenging what true leadership is important. Strength, work titles, and total control have long been synonymous with leadership. A forward-thinking approach to leadership in the workplace will innovate and revitalise this conventional model, converting it into one full of passion and constructive energies.

 A workplace leader teaches, guides, and directs everyone who seeks it. They encourage others to work beyond the box by supplying staff with opportunities for experimentation and imagination. When this model is extended to coaching and mentoring, the results of effective workforce change may be astounding. Individual Advantages of Good Coaching and Mentoring. We must first examine individual workers' benefits to understand how an effective mentoring program affects business development.

Employee motivation and job satisfaction rise, as do self-confidence and gratitude when specific workable objectives and measurable progress. These things pave the way for stronger management partnerships, better technology sharing, and a more professional workforce.


Employees are more willing to buy into the business mission to move over and beyond to ensure success because they admire their boss and trust what they have to sell. Problems may often be found earlier rather than later, and small problems can be addressed until they become significant ones.


When fully applied, the mentoring partnership becomes a two-way path. Anyone who consciously advises and counsels other staff members is honing their leadership ability. Mentors consistently report that the pleasure of supporting others is immensely empowering.


This strong bond between the tutor and the mentee may be corrupted by adhering to conventional paradigms. It must be noted unequivocally that mentoring is more about just an older person handing on wisdom to a younger person. Skills and expertise differ widely through decades, highlighting the value of keeping the mentoring partnership a two-way path.

With this in mind, you should match workers from various fields of experience and generations. Consequently, the workforce has a highly integrated and varied ability set, which are characteristics sought by every organisation dedicated to long-term development.


The advantages of effective counselling and mentoring for your organisation.

 There is not something that strong communication cannot repair. Mentoring focuses on developing long-term partnerships that improve workplace collaboration. This works well for creating a healthy working climate and reinforcing effective contact.


High turnover is a challenge for every organisation, but integrating a constructive feedback loop into the company's foundations is a sure way to attract workers and build a highly efficient atmosphere. Also, time invested in honing coaching expertise pays big dividends to seasoned bosses. Nothing embeds different procedures and habits like an emphasis on coaching people and teams through transition periods.

TOPIC  Service of Coaching

 Executive coaches partner with both existing and emerging leaders to help them realize their full potential, build personal endurance, and bring significant benefits to their organizations.


The coaching partnership offers a distinctively sympathetic but demanding support system. Coaching provides a healthy atmosphere in which it is no longer important to retain the "playing face." The promised anonymity that coaching provides is essential for unlocking the confidence and integrity required for resolving obstacles and making meaningful improvements. It helps leaders make sense of their challenges, identify solutions for dealing with them, and develop and implement an action plan. Sessions may be provided as a one-time experience but are typically more successful when many sessions are planned over a fixed period, allowing the coaching to integrate into day-to-day working life fully.



Coaching and Mentoring Services Include


  • Abilities You Should Bring to Work Right Now
  • Coaching and Mentoring Experience
  • Listening and Answering Abilities • Inspiring and Directing • Providing Effective Input • Coping With Trust Problems • Technical Self Growth • Doing, Telling, and Coaching.
  • Our coaching and mentoring training course is tailored to people at every company who want to strengthen their coaching or mentoring skills.
  • Outstanding Teaching Skill


 We want to provide you with a better view of the interactions between individuals as they function one-on-one.

  • We would assist you in resolving the problems and encouraging them to pursue their answers.
  • When advising or mentoring others, the temptation is to have answers to challenges or difficulties.


  • Both of our distance learning classes are customized to the requirements of the delegates on the day.
  • Course Contents for Coaching and Mentoring
  • Discussion of the effects of coaching/mentoring as a business tool:
  • Ensuring the priorities are fulfilled.
  • Handling disagreements among coworkers or between you and someone else
  • You can follow through if anyone fails to do as you requested.
  • If you are expecting others to take on a new mission, these methods and tactics can come in handy:
  • In brief, preparing to use coaching skills needs some practice but can deliver outstanding outcomes in the short term.
  • It would help if you coached to get the most out of each individual.
  • Latest Methods and Resources
  • Many of the activities mentioned below and any additional material deemed necessary by the coaches will be included.
  • People are constantly required to use coaching skills while guiding others.
  • There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • Together alongside a coworker who might disagree with your strategy.
  • What are the results of coaching and mentoring?
  • When somebody is depressed or going through a tough period, you should help and comfort them.
  • You cannot order people what to do and ask them to do so.


What are their current positions, and where do they need to grow?


  • Attitude of Empowerment
  • Capture individuals to do their best and applaud and appreciate their deeds and accomplishments.
  • Confidentiality arrangements must be formed within the partnership.
  • Establishing these arrangements would help develop a trusting partnership that will make the mentoring phase easier for all parties.
  • Feedback giving and collecting is a talent that can make or break a friendship.
  • Increasing Self-Assurance
  • Increasing Self-Assurance
  • Relationship Growth
  • Relationships that form the basis for a successful coaching/mentoring partnership are founded on confidence and reciprocal cooperation.
  • The presence of this mentality is critical to success.
  • The Reliable feedback
  • These activities will help with a broad spectrum of issues:
  • Trustworthiness
  • Wanting the mentee to excel necessitates a generous and upbeat attitude.


 Avoiding getting exploited

  • Developing self-assurance
  • How do you behave and function as a Coach/Mentor?
  • Recognizing and Incorporating Suggestions
  • Setting specific limits on others
  • Upward and downward communication
  • What does it eat?
  • Are there any requirements for coaching/mentoring?
  • Discussion of the subject 'You as a Role Model.'
  • What are the benefits?
  • What are the drawbacks?
  • What do you believe it is?
  • What do you want to accomplish in a coaching/mentoring program?
  • Why do we get it?
  • A Coach's and a Mentor's Positions
  • A mentor's recommended responsibilities include:
  • Coaching - Aiding with career growth by performing particular assignments or events.
  • Counselling - Assisting the mentee (learner) in considering the implications of future actions.
  • Facilitation involves creating chances for the mentee (or learner) to bring their new abilities into effect.
  • Participants can further refine these positions based on how they are viewed within the organization.
  • When the mentor lacks knowledge, assign the mentee (learner) to others by networking.