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Start your own Online/Distance/

in-house training college

Hold entry in your chosen university.

With strategic and expert mentorship offered by 1-1 course, you will fulfil your aspirations to research at Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, and other premier universities.

We do whatever it takes to help you achieve your targets. We agree that every student needs personalised help.


Since our tutors and advisors have graduated from international universities and help you get admission in

Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, AUR, UWL, UWS, UW, LSE, UCL and more. Many of these tutors have some of the most outstanding academic and extra-curricular backgrounds of any other group of tutors and mentors.

Ultimately, this outcome benefits from logical and data-driven decision-making. In a changing and developing world, there is no such thing as an exact, flawless judgement. At a systemic level, these pathways will lead to one of the following fields: research, professions, and careers that will completely embody an individual's current skills.


Our team and I will be here to give you various services.


This is the best placement service provider for international students who choose to discover international student programmes and go overseas. We aim to include clarity about schools and educators and facilitate our clients with the right educational choices.

Top-rated institutions of our partners

Graduate Enrollment in the EU/UK/USA/CANADA


Along with qualifying for the programme, there are essay and other criteria to be met.

EU/USA/UK colleges admissions.


Including the techniques for selection phase, personal statement assistance, and interview planning

Over 250 online courses form our partners

How Are We Different?


Why do We exist?


Our service is completely comprehensive, encompassing support for every element of the student's university readiness phase, and we curate each student's curriculum focused on student's educational objectives.

Your implementation is online with continental, multinational educational norms.

155+ Instructors from our partners

TheIBMC international provides opportunities and direction for foreign students. Take a peek at the amazing findings below!

Our team and I will be here to give you a range of services.

Research at TheIBMC.

We offer consultancy to potential students and provide the counselling process.


Our aim of becoming a consulting firm is to help students find their skills.


This Career Gate Evaluation provides us with fundamental, intelligible and normal feedback for career decision-making.


Our mission is to help students' progress in making a fresh start in their career.


International Education services offer a free programme. A site where you can find out about various degree course choices. A total of 150 educational institutions were selected—personal support by curriculum specialists.

We are starting to understand that there has been a large rise in the number of students who need extra help in collecting their degree. It is very challenging for young people to select studies that fulfil their wants and personality.While collaborating with us, families have connections to our network of over 2,400+ tutors, coaches and advisors.


 THEIBMC consultant still lets its students win entry into the finest colleges in the country. This is critical since students who work with us are up to four times more likely to receive a bid.



We are known to many top universities in EU/UK/USA. Canada and are approached for different ways of collaboration. Recently, we have collaborated with 6 separate universities.

Dear Students!


Via our educational and technical strategy, we have concluded agreements with numerous universities in the UK, Cyprus, the USA and other European countries.


The final option for your undergraduate studies and training programmes should be the one that distinguishes you as a person.


This choice is yours and entirely up to you.



 There is no claim that there is no one correct judgement.

There is a student supporting organisation located in  Education Services.


We offer counsellorship to potential higher educated students and technical training students. We hold job counselling sessions on the spectrum of vocational courses focused on his/her desires.


We also have links to educational services for different academies and universities. We deliver interactive, life-changing educational opportunities for student around the globe.


We have teachers from around the globe and teach literacy to our students. Training is a basic human right. Education is the responsibility of everyone, not a luxury. You can sign up for one of our e-learning packages if you want to research your own time and at your rate.

Why us


THIBMC International Educational Services is a non-profit educational company that was founded in 2010. Our mission is to partner with colleges and education agencies to offer counselling resources to students who may consider a career in technical education.

International emphasis – our students come from all over the world.


Residential courses allow students to profit from studying and progress.


Education is only a privilege, and every citizen should have access to it.


You can sign up for one of our e-learning packages if you want to research your own time and at your rate.

This support programme is provided to young adults who have relevant academic qualifications such as are taken as appropriate to the requirements of their choice of university (High School degree, theoretical score in various subjects linked to the research, etc.) Students may not need to take any courses until registering or gaining a role.

Career help programmes.


Enable students to follow courses tailored to their interests, such as pathways, foundation, graduation, undergraduate, postgraduate, and English language.


Provider of university counselling facilities.

In addition to student placements, we frequently support students during their university duration.

The Global Team is providing consultancy support at the first meeting for free.


An entry mode is promising in this respect.


Global Educational Services informs candidates of the Direct Entry Phase in UK Universities with many results, without any extra training and without charging any tuition.


 Via our network of partnerships and delegations, we can provide direct entry into a range of universities in the UK, with a wide selection of specialisations in undergraduate and postgraduate studies in various disciplines.


A DBA describes the maximum degree of accomplishment of any academic discipline.

Research areas in corporate management There is a great deal of diversity involved in this sector, which is anticipated to play a major role in influencing the landscape of job prospects. To become eligible as a company administrator, several people are attracted to MD/MS in Business Administration degrees. The most significant factor is that any organisation needs professional technicians and managers. If you choose DBA, then you will have the chance for promotion in the future.


The DBA is a vitally relevant certification to several sectors. DBA is much like a PhD but focuses on more real-life implementations. Practitioners in the private sector generally practise DBA. If you are interested in the degree, it is necessary to learn more about the entry requirements. You must hold such credentials to participate in a DBA programme.


Applicants would need to hold a master's degree in the same area, at least seven years of management experience, and any bachelor's or similar. This course will last for one year plus one academic paper. DBA is a vocational certification, ideal for people with postgraduate certificates who wish to hear about career prospects. DBA is a good part-time research programme that targets business practitioners.


All of you will want to know the distinction between PhD and DBA. DBA is a degree reserved for anyone with decent job experience, and this certification is correlated with study in management.

In your PhD programme, you can notice the following.


Create and execute new analysis designs.


Educate the wealthy.

To obtain greater academic prestige.

Become a lecturer and school instructor in a medical or technical institute.

The doctorate would help you into an excellent decision-maker. Our services are built to get you ready for greatness.


We are using groundbreaking testing approaches.

Integrating applied and real science and application.

You may have a considerable effect on policies and activities.

Learn methods that can improve the versatility and adaptability of organisations.

Become a creative visionary.


Create and execute new analysis designs.


Educate the wealthy.

To obtain greater academic prestige.

Get into a rewarding academic profession.

The doctorate would help you into an excellent decision-maker. Our services are built to get you ready for greatness.


Using groundbreaking testing approaches.

Combine study and intervention.

You may have a considerable effect on policies and activities.

Learn methods that can improve the versatility and adaptability of organisations.

Become a creative visionary. The reality that DBA is a business software that can meet current business needs is quite simple. Employers are more tolerant of PhD for it covers more vast expertise. Several universities offer post-baccalaureate and BA degrees in DBA, but you must certainly choose approved universities. Therefore, DBA is expected to satisfy the criteria of practitioners who have a Master's Degree.


In this respect, our students have to be well versed with the latest ideas such that they can also be in a place to handle their team and educate others. They are taught business in a setting where the dynamic is cultural disparity.


 The programmes we provide will help you be a leader and solve challenges you will encounter in every industry. Our graduates have developed listening abilities. This would render them autonomous and capable of operating in communities.


  Company Administration is one of the most common courses in the world. A study reveals that university graduates start with an overall income of $65,200.

International Doctorate study programs*:

  • Doctorate in Administrative Law DAL
  • Doctorate in Civil law DCIL
  • Doctorate in Constitutional Law DCOL
  • Doctorate in Criminal Law DCL
  • Doctorate in Economics Law DEL
  • Doctorate in Environmental and natural resource law DENRL
  • Doctorate in Financial Law DFL
  • Doctorate in Journalism DJ
  • Doctorate in Labour Law DLL
  • Doctorate in Land Law DLAL
  • Doctorate in Law LLD
  • Doctorate in Pedagogy DP
  • Doctorate in Political Science DPS
  • Doctorate in Psychology DPS
  • Doctorate in Sociology DS
  • LLD Specializations

DBA: 1 year + thesis

  • Doctorate of Business Administration DBA
  • Doctorate in International Management DIM
  • Doctorate in International Sales and Marketing DISM
  • Doctorate in Nutrition DN
  • Doctorate in Project Management DPM
  • Doctorate in Strategic Information Systems Analysis DSISA


The ONLY Academy giving STUDENTS in additional to OUS Diploma a TRIPLE AWARD with WSB University (State University) and Taras University (Public University)OUS works with many international accredited and state universities

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Universities & colleges

Best PhD and DBA programs

  • PhDs Biology
  • PhDs Chemistry
  • PhDs Computer Science
  • PhDs Economics
  • PhDs Electrical Engineering
  • PhDs Engineering
  • PhDs Management
  • PhDs Mathematics
  • PhDs Mechanical Engineering
  • PhDs Mental Healthcare
  • PhDs Philosophy
  • PhDs Physics
  • PhDs Psychology
  • PhDs Theology

Top PhD and DBA countries

  • PhDs in Canada
  • PhDs in China
  • PhDs in Czech Republic
  • PhDs in Hong Kong
  • PhDs in Italy
  • PhDs in Malaysia
  • PhDs in Mexico
  • PhDs in Portugal
  • PhDs in Singapore
  • PhDs in South Africa
  • PhDs in Spain
  • PhDs in Taiwan
  • PhDs in United Arab Emirates
  • PhDs in United Kingdom
  • PhDs in USA

Top PhD and DBA locations

  • PhDs A Coruña
  • PhDs Abu Dhabi
  • PhDs Al Ain
  • PhDs Dubai
  • PhDs Ferrol
  • PhDs Hong Kong
  • PhDs Hsinchu
  • PhDs Johannesburg
  • PhDs Kuala Lumpur
  • PhDs London
  • PhDs New York
  • PhDs Palapye
  • PhDs Prague
  • PhDs Singapore
  • PhDs Trieste

Our purpose is to increase the inflow of international students in EU/UK/Canada/USA and Australia., we assist already- international students seeking higher education following their high university or vocational studies.



We offer research counselling facilities and assist in setting up study opportunities for international students.


We are willing to assist foreign university graduates to achieve their higher education ambitions.



We have 20 years of industry practice, and so we appreciate student aspirations.


 This nominee student gets the customised counselling and is equipped with all the details and knowledge for his / her studies in the nation he/she likes.


 Students are admitted as soon as possible to this school.


 We assume that the information we impart is really important. We ensure that our candidates seek the correct postgraduate and graduate studies that will enable them to achieve the desired qualifications and outcomes.

  1. Abertay University Dundee
  2. Aberystwyth University Aberystwyth
  3. AECC University College Bournemouth
  4. Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge / Peterborough / Fulbourn / Chelmsford
  5. Arden University
  6. Arden University Distance learning, Birmingham, London
  7. Arts University Bournemouth Bournemouth  
  8. Aston University Birmingham       
  9. Aston vs UOB
  10. Bangor University Bangor / Wrexham         
  11. Bath Spa University Bath / Bristol / Chippenham       
  12. Birkbeck, University of London London
  13. Birmingham City University Birmingham       
  14. Bishop Grosseteste University Lincoln 
  15. Bournemouth University Bournemouth  
  16. BPP University Leeds / Manchester / London / Bristol / Abingdon / Birmingham
  17. Brighton and Sussex Medical School Brighton              
  18. Brunel University London Uxbridge, West London
  19. Buckinghamshire New University. High Wycombe / Uxbridge          
  20. Canterbury Christ Church University. Canterbury / Chatham / Broadstairs        
  21. Cardiff Metropolitan University Cardiff
  22. Cardiff Uni Accommodation
  23. Cardiff University Cardiff 
  24. City, University of London. London
  25. Coventry University London. London
  26. Coventry University Coventry            
  27. Cranfield University Bedford              
  28. De Montfort University Leicester / Nottingham
  29. Durham University 2021 Applicants Chat Thread

Durham University          Durham / Middlesbrough

  1. Edge Hill University Ormskirk             
  2. Edinburgh Napier University Edinburgh / Dunfermline / Livingston     
  3. Falmouth University Falmouth            
  4. Glasgow Caledonian University Glasgow              
  5. Goldsmiths, University of London Lewisham, London         
  6. Harper Adams University Newport             
  7. Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh / Galashiels  
  8. Hull York Medical School Hull / York          
  9. Imperial College London. London / Ascot 
  10. Institute of Cancer Research London -              Connect               -
  11. Keele University Keele   
  12. King's College London London
  13. Kingston University London Kingston (plus off-site campuses)            
  14. Lancaster University Lancaster            
  15. Leeds Arts University Leeds   
  16. Leeds Beckett University Leeds   
  17. Leeds Trinity University Leeds
  18. Liverpool Hope University Liverpool            
  19. Liverpool John Moores University Liverpool            
  20. London Business School London - -
  21. London Metropolitan UniversityLondon
  22. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine London
  23. London South Bank University. London
  24. Manchester Metropolitan University. Manchester / Crewe      
  25. Middlesex University London. Hendon, London             
  26. Newcastle University. Newcastle upon Tyne / Stockton              
  27. Newman University, Birmingham. Birmingham       
  28. Northumbria University Newcastle upon Tyne
  29. Norwich University of the Arts. Norwich              
  30. Nottingham Trent University. (NTU)
  31. Nottingham Trent University. Nottingham / Southwell
  1. Open University Milton Keynes.
  2. Oxford Brooke's nursing.
  3. Oxford Brookes University. Oxford 
  4. Plymouth Marjon University. Bristol / Plymouth          
  5. Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh Edinburgh          
  6. Queen Mary University of London London
  7. Queen's University Belfast. Belfast 
  8. Ravensbourne University London. Greenwich, London       
  9. Regent's University London. Westminster, London   
  10. Richmond, The American International University in London
  11. Robert Gordon University. Aberdeen          
  12. Royal Academy of Music London -             
  13. Royal Agricultural University. Cirencester        
  14. Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. London
  15. Royal College of Art London -              Connect               -
  16. Royal Holloway, University of London Egham 
  17. Royal Veterinary College London / Hatfield            
  18. SAE Institute London / Oxford / Liverpool / Glasgow  
  19. Sheffield Hallam or Liverpool John Moores for graphic design
  20. Sheffield Hallam University. Sheffield             
  21. SOAS University of London. London
  22. Solent University. Southampton   
  23. St George's, University of London. London
  24. St Mary's University College, Belfast. Belfast  -             
  25. St Mary's University, Twickenham. Twickenham     
  26. Staffordshire UniversityStafford / Stoke / Lichfield / Shrewsbury
  27. Stranmillis 2021 applications
  28. Stranmillis University College Belfast 
  29. Swansea University Swansea / Carmarthen 

Universities & colleges

  1. Teesside University Middlesbrough
  2. The London Institute of Banking and Finance London -
  3. The London Interdisciplinary School London
  4. The University of Aberdeen. Aberdeen          
  5. The University of Bath. Bath      
  6. The University of Bedfordshire.Luton / Bedford
  7. The University of Birmingham. Birmingham       
  8. The University of Bolton. Bolton / Manchester / Wakefield             
  9. The University of Bradford. Questions welcome
  10. The University of Bradford. Bradford             
  11. The University of Brighton. Brighton              
  12. The University of Bristol. Bristol  
  13. The University of Buckingham. Buckingham / London   
  14. The University of Cambridge. Cambridge
  15. The University of Chester. Chester / Warrington / Shrewsbury        
  16. The University of Derby. Derby / Buxton / Chesterfield    
  17. The University of Dundee. Dundee / Kirkcaldy         
  18. The University of East Anglia. Norwich              
  19. The University of East London. London
  20. The University of Edinburgh. Edinburgh          
  21. The University of Essex. Colchester / Southend-on-Sea
  22. The University of Exeter. Exeter / Falmouth           
  23. The University of Glasgow. Glasgow / Dumfries       
  24. The University of Gloucestershire. Cheltenham / Gloucester / Swindon       
  25. The University of Greenwich.Greenwich / Bexley / Chatham
  26. The University of Hertfordshire. Hatfield / Oxford / Bracknell / Southampton
  27. The University of Huddersfield. Huddersfield
  28. The University of Hull. Hull / Scarborough         
  29. The University of Kent. Canterbury / Chatham  

The University of Law     Multiple locations

  1. The University of Leeds. Leeds
  2. The University of Leicester. Leicester             
  3. The University of Lincoln. Lincoln 
  4. The University of Liverpool. Liverpool            
  5. The University of London. London
  6. The University of Manchester. Manchester / Preston   
  7. The University of Nottingham. Nottingham / Derby / Kegworth
  8. The University of Oxford. Oxford 
  9. The University of Plymouth. Plymouth           
  10. The University of Portsmouth. Portsmouth       
  11. The University of Reading. Reading               
  12. The University of Roehampton.London
  13. The University of Salford. Salford 
  14. The University of Sheffield. Sheffield             
  15. The University of South Wales. Cardiff / Pontypridd / Newport (Wales) 
  16. The University of Southampton. Southampton
  17. The University of Stirling. Stirling / Inverness / Stornoway
  18. The University of the West of England, Bristol. Bristol  
  19. The University of the West of Scotland Multiple locations           
  20. The University of West London. London / Reading
  21. The University of Westminster. Westminster, London / Harrow
  22. The University of Winchester. Winchester        
  23. The University of Wolverhampton Wolverhampton (and other UK campuses)          
  24. The University of Worcester. Worcester / Exeter         
  25. The University of York. York      
  26. Ulster University Multiple locations           
  27. University Academy 92 (UA92) Manchester       -              -
  28. University Centre Shrewsbury Shrewsbury       
  29. University College Birmingham Birmingham       
  30. University College London London
  1. University College of Estate Management Reading               
  2. University for the Creative Arts Canterbury / Epsom / Farnham / Maidstone / Rochester
  3. University of Central LancashirePreston / Burnley / Manchester
  4. University of Chichester. Chichester / Bognor Regis / Newport (IoW)         
  5. University of Cumbria. Carlisle / Ambleside / Lancaster / London             
  6. University of Liverpool
  7. University of Northampton
  8. University of Northampton Northampton / Leicester             
  9. University of St Andrews St Andrews        
  10. University of Strathclyde 2021 Applicants
  11. University of Strathclyde Glasgow              
  12. University of Suffolk Multiple locations           
  13. University of Sunderland Sunderland / Gateshead / London           
  14. University of Surrey Guildford            
  15. University of Sussex Brighton              
  16. University of the Arts London. London
  17. University of the Highlands and Islands Multiple locations           
  18. University of Wales Trinity Saint David Swansea/ Carmarthen/ Lampeter            
  19. University of Warwick Coventry            
  20. University of York Management School York      
  21. Warwick Business School -              -              -              -
  22. Wrexham Glyndwr University Wrexham / Northop Mold           
  23. Writtle University College Writtle  -             
  24. York St John University York

International Educational Services

International Educational Services (UK) is an international-based business placement organisation. We also concluded affiliation arrangements with UK, European, American and other universities. Our mission is to help students' progress in making a fresh start in their career. This choice is yours and entirely up to you. These are the elements that are catered to students and the courses adapted to students' demands. We have a free service—a website for the marketing of research placements for different educational courses. A total of 150 educational institutions were selected—consultation of specialists. Decisions are taken after worrying critically about the evidence and the appropriate outcomes.

HND in Business

  • Association Chartered Certified Accountants ACCA
  • HND in Art and Design
  • HND in Computing
  • Sc. in Business Management
  • HND in Sport
  • BSc (Hons) in Business Psychology
  • BSc (Hons) Business Psychology with Human Resource Management

Professional Courses

  • Management & Leadership
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  • Procurement & Contract Management
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Project Management
  • Healthcare Management and Leadership

MBA Programs

  • MBA – Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • MBA – Engineering Management
  • MBA – Healthcare Management
  • MBA – HR & Organizational Psychology
  • MBA – Information Technology
  • MBA – International
  • MBA – International Business
  • MBA – Project Management
  • MBA – Quality Management
  • MBA – Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Other Programs

  • Advance Programs
  • Teacher Training
  • Doctorate
  • DBA
  • PhD
  • DProf

International Education services offer a free programme. A site where you can find out about various degree course choices. A total of 150 educational institutions were selected—personal support by curriculum specialists.


 There is no claim that there is no one correct judgement.

There is a student supporting organisation located in  Education Services.


We offer counsellorship to potential higher educated students and technical training students. We hold job counselling sessions on the spectrum of vocational courses focused on his/her desires.

Bachelors Programs

  • BA (Hons) in Business
  • BA (Hons) Business with Finance
  • BA ( Hons ) Business with Marketing
  • Ba ( Hons )in International Business

International Education Service 



The UK Government has announced the creation of a Graduate path for foreign students, which will be available for application on July 1, 2021.

After successfully completing their university degree, students will be able to stay in the UK and work for two years under this visa. PhD candidates will be given three years to complete their studies.

New students who began in October 2020 will be able to apply if they meet all criteria.

The visa's complete specifics have yet to be released, however, we understand that:

All persons pursuing a degree at the undergraduate level or above who successfully finish their studies beginning in summer 2021 will be able to apply.

To apply, students must be in the UK and have a valid Tier 4 or Student visa.


Students will not be given visas automatically; a separate immigration application must be submitted, which includes paying the visa cost (£700) and the Immigration Health Surcharge at the full amount (£624 each year).

This path will be unsponsored; thus students will not be required to have a job offer in order to apply.


Students will be able to work full-time in most types of professions, including self-employment, under the terms of the visa.


There will be no possibility of extending the Graduate visa: Students will be able to apply for this path just once in their lives.


Settlement rights will not be acquired in the pursuit of UK residence.


Applicants must have completed their full degree in the UK, with the exception of approved study abroad programs or where remote learning was required owing to COVID-19.




The UK government has stated that if you are studying outside the UK owing to COVID-19 and started your studies before January 2021, and your course duration is 12 months or less, you will still be able to apply for the Graduate Route as long as you arrive in the UK by June 21, 2021. If you started a one-year Master's degree in January 2021, you will be able to apply if you arrive in the UK by September 27, 2021.


Students enrolled in a programme that lasts more than a year will not be impacted in their eligibility for the Graduate path if they study remotely in the UK or abroad between January 24, 2020 and September 27, 2021.


Will I still be qualified if I begin my course online in October 2020 and later switch to face-to-face instruction?

Yes. To be qualified for the Graduate path, students are often required to complete their studies in the United Kingdom. However, if students are obliged to continue their present studies or begin a new degree through distance or blended learning as a result of COVID-19, they will still be entitled to move into the Graduate path on a concessionary basis if they previously studied outside the UK.

Students who join the UK before 21 June 2021 (27 September 2021 for January 2021 start Master's students) and finish the last semester of their studies in the UK will benefit from this concession.

Can I apply for this visa if I graduated in 2020?

No. Only students who finish their courses successfully after May 2021 will be eligible.

What is the month of ‘summer 2021'?

The UK Government has announced that this route would be available for applications beginning July 1, 2021.

Is it necessary for me to be enrolled in a particular course to be eligible?

Students who have earned a degree at the undergraduate level or above (Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD) are eligible to apply.

Will I have to leave the United Kingdom to apply?

No, you must apply from the United Kingdom while in possession of a valid Tier 4 or Student visa.

Is it possible for me to apply for the Graduate path more than once?

No, students may only apply for this path once in their lives. Students will be required to transfer to a new immigration category, such as the Skilled Work route, or leave the UK at the end of their Graduate route visa term.

Can you tell me more about this visa?

The complete terms of the Graduate Work visa have not yet been released by the UK Government. We will update this page as it is ready.

Will PhD students be allowed to apply for the Doctorate Extension Scheme in the future?

No. In time, the Graduate path will take the place of the Doctorate Extension Scheme. When the Graduate path becomes available, qualified students must apply and will be given three years.

Is it possible for my dependant to apply for this visa?


If your dependent is currently in the UK on a valid Student dependant visa, they may seek to ‘extend' their dependant visa as a Graduate route dependant. If your dependent is not in the UK, they must apply for a student dependant visa and travel to the UK to apply to stay as a Graduate route dependent.

Accredited Business Diploma by Ofqual±/University Degree by Azteca University ±UCU and other  affiliation Partners worldwide


Pre-Uni Level    Diploma Level 3+  EMs/1Y           £-€4,990


Bachelor Level 

  • Bachelor Program+-(BBA) 6SEMs/3Ys     £-€9,990
  • One-Year Diploma+            2SEMs/1Y         £- €4,900
  • Associate Bachelor Diploma+ 4SEMs/2Ys £-€7,900
  • Executive Bachelor*(EBB)  EMs/1Y            £-€4,490

Master Level    

  • Regular Master Program+-(MBA)** 3SEMs/1.5Ys      £-€8,990
  • One Year Master+-(MBA) 2SEMs/1Y            £-€7,990
  • Research-based Master* 2SEMs/1Y            £-€3,490
  • Executive Master*(EMBA) 2SEMs/1Y            £-€5,990

Doctorate Level

  • Doctorate Level DBA–    4SEMs/2Ys          £-€12,490 Phil.–                                    6SEMs/3Ys          £-€16,990

T&C apply,

All fess1 of the 2021-2022 Academic Year subject to change,(T&C)apply and all fee are estimated Guide purpose only final Fee will be confirmed by the institutions/universities concern.

Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Social Entrepreneurship in Disadvantaged or Marginalized Communities

  • Edmonton, Canada

Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Social Entrepreneurship in Disadvantaged or Marginalized Communities

MacEwan University’s School of Business is seeking applications for a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Social entrepreneurship to build on the School’s strengths in social and emancipatory aspects of entrepreneurship that can support disadvantaged or marginalized communities, including its application in Indigenous Business.

The successful applicant will receive a full-time, probationary tenure-track position (at the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor) and may be rooted in any of the four departments in MacEwan University’s School of Business. See our website School of Business - MacEwan University for information on the four departments.

The successful applicant will also serve as the Director of MacEwan’s School of Business Social Innovation Institute. Upon starting the academic appointment, the successful applicant will work with the University to apply for a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair.

For further information relating to a Tier 2 Chair, please click here. In addition to establishing a research program, some teaching and curriculum development, and contribution to university service will also be a portion of the workload. The successful applicant will have a reduced teaching load in the initial years of the appointment.

Taiwan’s Academia Sinica: A Vibrant Hub with Over 100 Fully Funded PhDs. Scholarships

  • Taipei, Taiwan

Are you looking for an exceptional PhD program to accelerate your academic career? Academia Sinica, the preeminent research institution in Taiwan, announces that its Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP@AS) 2022 fall semester will open to applications worldwide from November 2021 to February 2022. TIGP@AS provides over 100 funded PhD scholarships in 12 interdisciplinary programs ranging from physical sciences, life sciences to social sciences and the humanities. The 12 interdisciplinary programs within TIGP@AS are in cooperation with 11 top domestic universities, which include:

1. Chemical Biology and Molecular Biophysics

2. Molecular Science and Technology

3. Molecular and Biological Agricultural Sciences

4. Bioinformatics

5. Molecular and Cell Biology

6. Nano Science and Technology

7. Molecular Medicine

8. Earth System Science

9. Biodiversity

10. Interdisciplinary Neuroscience

11. Sustainable Chemical Science and Technology

12. Social Networks and Human-Centered Computing

The KAUST Global Fellowship Program will support outstanding emerging research

leaders from around the world to build a path to a fully independent career. The program is merit-based targeting excellent postdocs with breakthrough ideas across the five Research Pillars of KAUST.

The Fellowship Program is designed with two strands: one that is general and relevant to topics under the five Research Pillars, and one that is focused on a research area that is time relevant. “Hydrogen” is the chosen topic for this launch year. Year-to-year, Strand 2 will focus on different research areas that are highly topical and strategically important to KAUST.

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