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The coaching and Mentoring training course is tailored to people at every company who want to strengthen their coaching or mentoring skills. The course includes the following skills: Listening and Answering, Inspiring and Directing, Coping With Trust Problems, Technical Self Growth, Doing, Telling, and Coaching. Course Contents for Coaching and mentoring include the activities mentioned below and any additional material deemed necessary by the coaches.

The online course provides a better view of individual interactions as they function one-on-one. It's designed to help you with the skills you need to bring to work right now and in the long term. It includes the skills below: Listening and answering. Providing Effective input. Coping with Trust Problems. Technical Self growth. Telling and Telling. Coaching, Advising and Advising. Doing, telling, and coaching others. Advising and mentoring others. Helping and comforting others in a tough period. Assisting the mentee (learner) in considering the implications of future actions. Advising and coaching a person to further their career growth.
Mentor: Facilitation involves creating chances for the mentee (or learner) to bring their new abilities into effect. Mentor: When the mentor lacks knowledge, assign the learner to others by networking. Learner: What are their current positions, and where do they need to grow? Coach: Mentoring partnership is founded on confidence and reciprocal cooperation. Relationship: Relationships that act as the basis for successful coaching/mentoring are founded on confidence and reciprocity.