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Coaching  & Mentoring  Part 1

 Success is an odd thing. It is never a straight line but rather a collection of events and our responses to them. What we do with what we are given is entirely up to us. It seems to reason that our success is likewise in our hands.


As many of us have discovered, my journey has not been straight. Growing up in a restrictive household with emotional abuse destroyed my feeling of value and worthiness, masking my identity. I discovered that I needed to become invisible and quiet to be secure. I spent my life according to the expectations of others, never achieving my own.

You are intelligent, kind, and competent. You work hard and achieve well, but it seems like there is a higher degree of comfort, social effect, and success just out of reach. It seems like you have tried everything, yet it is still so near that you can practically taste it.

I am a wellness specialist.


 Expertise in research, leadership, and practise

 Across industries in the service of health and equality. Concerning

 In these changing times, I have obtained training to enable me to deliver my vast knowledge base and skill set to individuals and groups.


Who wants to change their lives and strive for

 the best method, experience, and


 You are ready to make your mark; I am here to assist.

An ecological perspective on success

 Acknowledges that happiness is promoted by

Favourable settings

Using transdisciplinary analyses and qualitative methods

At the crossroads of the qual-quant split, research approaches,

Wellbeing evaluation contributes to a greater knowledge of culture and effect, driving strategic direction.

Professional coaching is often regarded as the most effective technique for going beyond your current life, career, or company conditions to explore and realise the most important possibilities fully.


Coaching is a purposeful practice that uses focused interactions to foster Individual Growth, Purposeful Action, and Sustained Improvement.


What might be possible if you worked with someone daily to help you discover, concentrate, and follow through on what was most important to you?


What kinds of improvements might occur if that individual gave the perfect combination of support, insight, and challenge to keep you motivated, organised, and moving forward more quickly?


Would you be able to reach your most significant and rewarding objectives if that person was an experienced and impartial sounding board who kept you faithful to yourself?

A fantastic credential and years of coaching experience


A professional relationship or collaboration

Conversations regarding the job and ongoing life difficulties are part of a holistic approach.


  1. Assistance in negotiating the difficult parts of personal and professional transformation

Business knowledge and experience

Coach values include professionalism, strengths, abilities, and skills.

Coaching & Mentoring Part 2


Leaders struggle to meet the obligations of their jobs in today's fast-paced and competitive climate and are often too busy and pressured to ponder and come up with new ideas to achieve their vision and overcome obstacles.


Interaction with a trained external coach may offer a focus that no other type of organisational help can. Coaching is effective when your challenge is moving forward toward your vision and goals, crafting your purpose, making a critical decision, getting buy-in on a project, dealing with organisational politics, leading and influencing your team, attracting more well-being into your routine, designing your life, managing your relationships, overcoming your fears and insecurities, getting unstuck, and anything else that is preventing you from flourishing and being


People in my work learn the skill of being in the world by harnessing the power they already have to effect meaningful change while having fun. Consequently, they are more satisfied and influential and make concrete contributions to their lives, workplaces, families, communities, and the globe. Each day, the sun rises, bringing fresh possibilities to live a more satisfying and fulfilling life. Please work with me as your coach to become a complete manifestation of who you are and whom you want to be. Develop the self-reliance, personal initiative, and a sense of purpose that will allow you to live an extraordinary life. Encourage your creativity and curiosity. Rekindle our feeling of amazement as toddlers and rediscover the natural manner of learning, developing, and adventure!


Coaching may assist you in developing objectives and tactics that reflect your genuine beliefs rather than "shoulds" or "musts." You may get the skills you need to execute all of the required measures and leverage your efforts to achieve more success in your career, relationships, and other parts of your perfect life.


Contact me now for a no-obligation coaching and information-gathering session to learn how we can develop the best coaching relationship for you. The options are endless.


Our coaching relationship is a collaborative effort between two equals.


 I am a resource that you may utilise to your benefit. I give the framework and continual assistance required to remain active. I applaud your accomplishments and provide sympathy and faith in challenging times.


You are accountable for your own life, your decisions, and whether or not you follow through on coaching recommendations. You are also welcome to advise me on how to train you effectively.


I have faith in you. I like you, want the best for you, and view you as the authority in your life.


I feel you are intelligent and competent. I assist you in defining and achieving your ideal life and maximising your potential. You are probably ready to do your best and live following your ideals if you hire me. If you are not, I will request that you do so. If you are unable to do so, I will understand. We'll figure out the next move together. You will be heard and appreciated.


I ask pointed inquiries. I am sure you have your ideas. I make it possible for you to hear them. I have been taught to assist you in revealing your knowledge as easily as possible. 

I make specific demands. I may make a direct request based on what you have supplied (for example, "Will you do X before the end of the week?"). You may accept the request, make your request, or refuse. There is no "wrong" answer.


How you utilise any information or perspectives I offer is entirely up to you. I make observations, provide comments, and, where applicable, provide recommendations or information. I will only do so with your consent and as unequivocal constructive feedback. When I am not sure, I will say so. I'll be honest and upfront.


I urge you to examine various options or opinions, but I will never force or make you incorrect. I am open and honest. We collaborate to identify and express the truth. I will query what I perceive or witnesses, such as a shift in your tone of voice or language that suggests a stumbling block or simply an intuition about the scenario. This often offers a new path to clarity or resolution, enabling you to go without resistance or fear.


We devise action strategies. I normally ask you to devise two or three objectives, activities to do, or breakthroughs between calls. Say something if it's too much. Ask for extra if you need it.

I am glad you discovered my website and are interested in learning more about my services. Please continue reading if you want to advance your profession and your life...

Coaching is not for everyone, based on my years of experience as an executive/leadership and personal coach. A client must take a very extraordinary leap of faith to enter into a coaching engagement with a coach, and a very special individual must commit their life to become a coach.


I connect the dots between neuroscience and behavioural psychology. I have worked with top achievers and leaders in the legal and medical fields since 1987. Business owners, information technology professionals, nurses, teachers, entrepreneurs, professors, writers, finance officers, managers, directors, and others are all eligible.


I am a dynamic change agent that supports strategy and behaviour change based on neuroscience, new and novel frameworks, and strong questions and tools to help people take action and succeed faster. I have been a thinking partner to many people, including individuals, professionals from many sectors, entrepreneurs, and company owners.




Coaching is private and confidential, whether with an individual or via a commercial contract. My approach is not to publicise my customers via testimonials or to mention the firms with whom I collaborate. My collaboration with you will be discreet and secret as well.


My passion is people. Furthermore, there is no greater method for me to contribute to people's improvement than via coaching.

According to research, soft skills influence company performance more than technical skills or intellect. Clear standards, sharing information that others require, learning how to give and receive feedback, navigating difficult conversations, viewing working relationships as long-term, using we instead of I, understanding your blind spots, knowing your biases and beliefs, understanding your assumptions and where your conclusions come from all contribute to valuable leadership competencies and an outstanding business presence.


For many years, I have worked with clients to improve their abilities and habits to navigate their personal and professional lives and accomplish their objectives.


Conversational Intelligence training has been one of my career's most meaningful and profound learning experiences.


Conversational intelligence goes beyond other methodologies by providing deep insights into the neuroscience behind conversations and practical tools to establish trust and connection with others, activate the parts of the brain that trigger innovation, regulate our biochemical reactions, and much more.


Judith has built a transformative body of work that has raised how I coach and significantly influenced my company by combining science and intuition.


Are you curious about how the neurology of talks may help your business?


Conversational IntelligenceĀ® is a ground-breaking body of study that uses the power of neurobiology to influence people, teams, and whole corporate cultures. Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) combines science and intuition to move our environment from I-Centric to WE-Centric and construct Conversational Transformation on a neuro-chemical level.


C-IQ, whether applied to individual leaders and executives, teams, entire organisations, or individuals, is a positive transformational force capable of establishing high levels of trust, triggering growth and innovation, overcoming limiting conversational patterns, or gracefully navigating difficult conversations.


C-IQ Catalyst tools may help you improve your conversational intelligence.


Recent thoughts on how leaders and teams might improve their performance through increasing trust-building discussions. This approach, called Conversational IntelligenceĀ® (C-IQ), gives insights into how we may successfully engage with people.

We may establish mutual success in teams and organisations by understanding which interactions stimulate our higher-level brain activity, such as trust, honesty, strategic thinking, empathy, and the capacity to analyse difficult problems.


One of our least developed talents, but one of the most important, is the capacity to collaborate interdependently. Deep trust is required to open up to others and to provide the emotional space for others to open up. Leaders and teams struggle to achieve outstanding achievements when they lack trust.


Conversational Intelligence Catalyst Tool for C-IQ


Understanding how your conversational patterns affect your capacity to influence good dialogues in your life is critical to both your current and future success. The C-IQ Catalyst Tool is a strong measuring tool for individuals and teams. This 'quick study' tool reveals speech trends and gives a cultural fingerprint of how employees interact with one another at work.


As an executive coach, Dr MDUSMAN DBAMBAMSc CMgr works with and supports multinational leaders all over the globe to help them lead more effectively, establish long-term relationships, and find greater professional purpose and fulfilment in their job. Coaching emphasises the development of genuine leadership from both individual and global settings, as well as leadership conduct and efficiency. Furthermore, all areas that develop managers and executives in their cultural context and

Dr. mentor's coaching method is strong because she uses the information she has learned from her many years of worldwide experience to lead her clients toward finding their answers to the difficulties they confront. Coaches who employ this strategy are often referred to as trusted leadership advisers in the literature (TLAs).

 When attempting to... international executives gain from coaching.


  • Coaching for Groups
  • Control their work schedule and work-life balance.
  • Create a unique leadership vision as well as a global thinking leadership style.
  • Expat-Coaching before too, during, and after migration
  • Improve their executive presence, assertiveness, and communication abilities.
  • Improve their standing while interacting with bosses, stakeholders, board members, and workers.
  • In-person or remotely, lead multicultural and multidisciplinary teams.
  • Maintain personal beliefs and find joy in their role as a leader in shaping business culture and policy.
  • Manage the use of digitalisation in management.


 Team coaching is methodologically similar to individual coaching, except that the whole group is coached. Dr. customises each team coaching programme to fit the team's specific condition. The coaching employs a combination of globally established methodologies (e.g. ORSC, TCI). Team coaching is suitable for groups that wish to enhance efficiency, interpersonal connections, or both. To begin team coaching, a team evaluation might be employed. Team members may instantly assess their distance from the "perfect team" and which areas need to be reinforced based on the findings. Team coaching and building workshops are also suitable for fully new teams to explain responsibilities and comprehend objectives.

According to their specific goals are at the heart of the coaching, allowing them to attain their maximum potential locally and globally.


Global experience and international methods


On the one hand, the coaching is based on globally recognised methodologies like CTI or ECCP, but it also depends on Dr.'s experience. With many years of expertise in international business management, she has assisted countless executives of different nationalities overseas, including in Asia, the Middle East, and the European Union. His clientele includes businesses from various industrial sectors and academic and research institutions from across the globe. This comprises leadership teams with concerns regarding multicultural team effectiveness, leadership, and global collaboration. Coaching and seminars are available in Urdu and Hindi.


Executive Mentoring and Coaching

Leadership effectiveness, leadership style, and true leadership


Dr. utilises a unique mentor coaching technique in his work with international executives to help her clients achieve improved leadership efficiency, create strong leadership relationships, and lead honestly.


Professional coaching with mentoring elements His mentoring work is based on his many years of expertise in the worldwide business environment, his cooperation with various top managers from across the globe, and her background as a researcher specialising in leadership and management. His coaching methodologies include the systematic Co-Active Coaching Methodology from the United States and the Executive Coaching Methodology from Australia. Dr. has various credentials recognised that underlie professional coaching of the highest calibre. His credentials include coaching management, multicultural leadership, and team leadership training, as well as a variety of other professional exams.

Career Guidance

Career choices, coping with obstacles, and leadership behaviour

 Dr. additionally provides highly competent mentor coaching to leaders directly. She has worked with executives from various cultural backgrounds, companies, and corporate regions who want to employ coaching regardless of the company. He helps CEOs, professors, and self-employed individuals from around the globe accomplish various objectives and facilitates thoughts that aid in key choices. His clients benefit from her experience in leadership research, multicultural competence, and commercial practice.


Many customers value topics such as international leadership abilities, international transfer, and career planning. Dr. strives to create long-term outcomes that benefit the professional career and position in the firm via her unique approach to executive mentor coaching. The technique proposes addressing "the wider picture" and aspirations that extend beyond the career. Long-term career planning, dealing with corporate policy, finding meaning in one's work, managing employees, improving communication with decision-makers, reconciling work and family, dealing with challenges, and making one's own strengths visible, among other topics, can all be incorporated into coaching. Every partnership is built on the foundation of confidentiality. Interested parties get customised guidance on the method suggested during the first consultation.



 "Recognised worldwide coaching education and training, as well as supervision, are crucial building blocks for executive coaches in order to serve clients in a goal-oriented and eye-level way."


Dr. considers lifelong learning to be one of the conditions for competent employment as a coach. For numerous years, he has been committed to educating new international coaches through training workshops or direct mentor coaching to reach level 7 and 8 strategic leadership management, coaching and mentoring, and level 7 education leadership management. All coach training is customised to the coach's specific learning objectives. Please get in touch with me to discuss your coaching objectives.