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.Restaurant Consultants provide advice to restaurants having trouble with aspects of their business. Specific responsibilities of a Restaurant Consultant include assessing restaurant situation, devising plans, organizing training, checking restaurant records, and helping staff to carry out the improvement plan, restaurant operations knowledge, attention to details, problem-solving, strategic planning, leadership, and decision making.


 A restaurant business/management plans is an opportunity to bring your concept to life on paper. It provides an outlet to express your passion for your idea and sell others on it, too. A business plan has two primary purposes: to attract potential investors and to provide a guideline for opening and operating your restaurant.


Opening a Restaurant

Corporate Mission, Vision & Purpose

Long Range Planning

Facilitating Executive Planning

Business Models

Business & Resource Deployment Prioritization

Growth Strategy

Expansion Plans

Capital & Operating Budgets

Financial Forecasts

Cash Flow Projections

Organizational Charts & Personnel Planning

Restaurant Business Planning & Strategy

Strategic Planning Sessions

Restaurant Business Plan

Marketing plan(digital/social/brand).

Restaurant management plan(BOH/FOH).

Market Strategies,

Development Plan,

Operations and Management Plan

Financial investment estimates



The services we offer can be found below, for individual requirements or a quotation - please contact us

•Cost Reduction and Operations

•Acquisition of Trained & Skilled Staff

•Allergy and Special Requirement Guidance


•Authenticity Analysis

•Brand Message



•Breakage Analysis

•Business Cards


•Conflict resolution

•Customs & Culture

•Design & Layout

•Design and Fit Out

•Email Signatures

•Food Quality & Taste

•Food Safety and Hygiene Star Rating

•Food Standards Agency Compliance

•Franchisee Standards Coaching


Ingredient cost analysis

•Location Search & Analysis

•Logo Design

•Menu Creation



•Mystery Shopping

•New Outlet

•Ongoing Training Planning

•Operational Flow

•Operations Manual Creation

•Pre EHO-Inspection & Hygiene Star Rating


•Recipe costing

•Sales Price Analysis

•Seasonality Relevance


•Site Ambience & Layout

•Space & Layout Optimisation

•Special Menus

•Speciality Ingredients

•Speciality Training

•Staff Levels & Portion Control Training

•Staff Retention Coaching

•Staff Roster Analysis

•Staff yield

•Staffing & Training

•Standard Operational Procedures Analysis

•Supplier Sourcing

•Table Talkers

•Training & Recruitment

•Website Design

•Yield testing


of Expertise

Individual & Personal Services

The services are offered with proper time management, and includes:

•Professional Training

•Marketing Training

•Induction Process of the company

•Product & Company Knowledge

Digital/Social Media Training

Office administraion/customers services training.

Do You

Need Help?

Restaurant Openings, Restructures, Budgeting and Brokering.

•Restaurant kitchen design.

•Employee hiring, training and manuals.

•Menu business and design.

•Marketing, social media, web search optimization.

•Create a cocktail program that matches the restaurant's authentic (of your choice) cuisine by using previous experience and recent food demand in the area.

•Set-up of social media accounts and help with menu and restaurant design

•Help with train quality employees to help the new business succeed

•Cost containment budgeting for food and Labour

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 Professional Assistance

 Senior Restaurant Consultant

•Analyzed potential restaurant locations and themes, comparing other successful restaurants in the area

•Interviewed and trained initial staff members, to streamline restaurant efficiency

•Programmed PC local Point of Sales system to incorporate both restaurant and retail functions allowing the business to capitalize on both markets

•Created restaurant menu selections and price points, analyzing costs and revenues to cover projected expenses

•Forecasted revenues and expenses for the first 12 months of operations, identifying required capital reserves and time until breakeven

•Continually meet and discuss future restaurant plans with equity holders and lending institution

•Established initial inventory for both menu and beverage items through multiple distributors and purveyors





A Boards ¬ Advertising signs placed outside premises to draw in clients and promote offers.

BEO ¬ Banqueting and Events Ordering ¬ the Internal version of the Ordering Sheet. 

The manager of a particular section within the kitchen.

CNE ¬ / C&E Conference and events.

Commis Chef ¬ Entry level in the kitchen, responsible for elementary tasks such as preparation/slicing/peeling.

Cover ¬ A paying customer within the restaurant.


DCDP / Demi Chef De Partie ¬ Assistant to the Chef De Partie.

EHO ¬ Environmental Health Officer. These are representatives of the local council and food standards agency tasked with ensuring standards are met and that the public's safety is not at risk.

Executive Chef ¬ Where there is more than one kitchen, an Executive Chef would oversee and would have Head Chefs reporting into them.

Executive Sous Chef ¬ Where there is more than one kitchen, an Executive Sous Chef would be the assistant manager to them all.

F&B ¬ Food and Beverage.

FIFO ¬ First in, First out. Ensuring you utilize your products based on its expiry date not only minimizes wastage, but it also helps with accurate forecasting and reordering.

FSA ¬ Food Standards Agency


HACCP ¬ Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. This is a systematic preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical, and physical hazards in production processes that can cause the finished product to be unsafe, and designs measurements to reduce these risks to a safe level.

Head Chef ¬ The Head Chef is the manager of the kitchen as a whole.

HOD ¬ Head Of Department


Junior Sous Chef ¬ Below a Sous Chef is a junior Sous Chef.

KP ¬ Kitchen Porter ¬ those responsible for the cleanliness and order within the kitchen.

Mise en place ¬ Mise en place is a French culinary phrase which means "putting in place" or "everything in its place." It refers to the setup required before cooking.

Ordering Sheet ¬ The shopping list for required ingredients.

PPE ¬ Personal Protective Equipment. From goggles to hairnets and gloves, any item of protective and hygienic equipment is a PPE.

SOP ¬ Standard Operational Procedure. We look at all aspects of your operations and the mechanics of the day to day running of the business to identify any issues and areas of improvement.

Sous Chef ¬ A Sous Chef is effectively the assistant manager for running the kitchen as a whole.


Standing Order ¬ Regular order for regular items from suppliers.

Stock Sheet ¬ Used for regular inventory checking.

Table Talkers ¬ Table Talkers are small folded signs you can place on tables and throughout the site to draw attention to special promotions, deals, and offers.

The Pass ¬ Where the kitchen and front of house meeting is the pass, this is where orders are placed and the food is presented to be taken to the tables.


Our Services and Training

•Restaurant Start Up

•Restaurant Rescue

•Restaurant Feasibility

•Restaurant Equipment

•Restaurant Renovations

•Restaurant Interior Design

•Restaurant Financial Options

•Restaurant Host/ Hostess

•Restaurant General Manager

•Restaurant Floor Manager

•Restaurant Assistant Manager

•Restaurant Manager

•Restaurant Operations Manager

•Restaurant Waitress

•Restaurant Worker

•Restaurant Waiter

•Restaurant Supervisor

•Restaurant Server

.Restaurant (internal) Security


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