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AVIATION & TOURISM CONSULTING combines and offers all these elements to find the best solutions for you and your company. AVIATION & TOURISM CONSULTING can assistance to analyze and rework your strategy and business setup, improving your profile and redefining your way to success.

AVIATION   & TOURISM CONSULTING will analyze and compare your organization against your processes and best practice in the industry. A proper rework according to your needs will create again a lean and effective organization.

AVIATION & TOURISM CONSULTING has the experience and knowledge to set up the right system for your company.

After evaluation of your present situation, short-term and long-term options and solutions can be developed to guarantee a cost-effective flight crew management.

As Aviation & Tourism consultant understand the practical, commercial and operational complexities of the aviation & Tourism industry and have the strategies and expertise to support your businesses. Explore our core disciplines and contact us for more information or to book your free consultation today.


Whether it be trouble-shooting, development, analysis, process, management or optimization, our consultant can provide innovative solutions that can be tailored to your needs and requirements, and focuses on what’s really significant to you.


We are new in the industry but those of you that know us will know that we can, and are very happy to, discuss and debate these subjects for many hours! Rather than do that here, we’ve just chosen to share our thoughts on a few subjects that we regularly get asked about.  We aim to provide aviation & tourism advisory services to regional small airport/airline(LCC) companies and investors in and beyond. Our aviation & tourism consultancy expert has undertaken numerous consultancy projects that have given us a deeper of the aviation & tourism industry.  As a result, we always have the highest standard of quality and management services in mind when advising on any type of aviation & tourism projects investment. Training and management coaching to empower staff and unlock the true power of your workforce.


You could invest in your employees and they may leave you. What if you don't and they stay? Our tailored aviation & tourism management consultancy services will help develop your crews and up-skill staff with expertise in management, marketing, customers service, sales and business development, commercial analysis, negotiation, operational skills, project management, tender management and continuous improvement for the aviation & tourism industry for commercial(SME) low cost small regional airlines/airports.

“If you don’t ask you don’t get it,” (Richard Branson)

Consulting globally across the Aviation & Tourism industry….

We provide advice and consulting services across the entire spectrum of Operation Management, Passengers Handling, Business report consultancy, Aviation & Tourism training programmes, Ground Operations and Ground Handling and have many years of global  travel, extensive qualifications and working experience within this area.

What you need to do, just sit and relax and enjoy your investment. 


Professional practical Training your employees to the highest standards,

offer a comprehensive range of several training programmes Airport/Airline Ground Operations & Passengers Ground Handling related training courses to Airlines, GSPs, Airports, Tourism Industry partners and private educational institutions/training centers.


We organizing regularly training courses programmes to a wide variety of members at several international locations. We used our expertise and experience for and on connected with authorized Training and other well-known and recognized industry training companies.


•supervise the out-sourcing of entire functions for start-ups and existing carriers.

•recommend and assist in the recruitment of staff at all levels.

•supervise the production of all necessary manuals from Flight to Cabin to Ground.

•assist investors in evaluation purchases of airlines or related companies.

•assess under-performing airlines and make recommendations to shareholders and/or investors.


We are proud to be the aviation & tourism consultant give advisory services for any related business clients.  No matter what the project in aviation & tourism sectors, whether it is a Middle East, Africa, in Asia and complex or involves the provision of ad- hoc services, our experts are focused from opening to the conclusion. Our expertise includes airlines, airports, tourism and other adjacent travel services that enable us to coordinate across regions. Our great business knowledge and connections support us to benefit our consumers resolve their most persistent challenges in the aviation & tourism industry.

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Need Help?

•Airline /Airport Consultancy reports (low cost airline & regional airports)

•Airline business plans (low-cost airline)

•Airline Marketing Plans

•Airline/Airport business models

•Airline/airport Change Management projects

•Airline/airport Continuous Improvement

•Airline/airport Cost Efficient Process operation

•Airline/airport Mystery passengers/visitors report

•Airline/Airport project plans

•Airport business plan

•Airport management training

•Airport Marketing plans

•Airport/airline Digital/Social Marketing plans

•Airport/Airline Performance Analysis reports

•Customer Handling and Operations

•Ground Operations & Ground Handling Management

•Ground Operations & Ground Handling Training

•Integrated Operations

•New airline setup (low cost airline)

•New airport hub plans

•New tourism opening projects plans

•Passenger services agents training PSA

•Religious Tours enhancement management plans

•Tourism business plans

•In-house training

•Tourism destination promotion and development plans

•Travel & Tours agency On-line/On-land setup, pre- & post operation, management, training and implementation.

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