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Education Management Consultant 

Education Management Consultant 

provide the following services.

Provide the following services.

College A-Z Management Service. Starter Kits.

Start from starting till the end.

  • Design,
  • support,
  • produce,
  • deliver,

Independent(private) College registration

distance learning/Online Platform/in-house training

No investment required to pay any fee for free learning.

Free learning online courses

Just register and learn.

  • If you wish to start a new college, online, distance learning, in-house, please feel free to contact me. First, 30 minutes consultant is free.
  • Reasonable charges with full support. You can start your online/distance learning college within one week to one month(subject to credit and reference confirmation) by awarding the college owner's bodies.


  • Write a Business project plan.
  • Write a Marketing(including digital) project plan.
  • Write a Management plan.

Help and support awarding boarding registration, affiliation, partnership, membership.

 Ofqual, SQA, Qualifications Wales and CCEA). Choose from 150 UK and international (Equal register)Awarding Body.

From Company house to CPD, Athe, CMI, CIL, TOUK, ASIC, Othm, ncfe, Qualifi, UKRLP, UCAS, ISO9000, CACHE, CIM, QAA, Pearson, Qualsafe, City & Guild, ABBE, ABMA Education, ABRSM, ABE, ACCA, AIA, BCS, COB, CICM, CIH, CIPD, CIL, EduQual, CQI, ICM, IBSL, IEIT, IRRV, IWFM, Qualifi, STA, SQA, TLIBF, WKEC-CBAC, YMCA.

 And many more…. Including Turnitin.


How Are We Different?

 Why do We exist?

 Our service is completely comprehensive, encompassing support for every element of the student's university readiness phase, and we curate each student's curriculum focused on student's educational objectives.

Services offer


With 1000+ courses data and information, course syllabus, study materials

supply online courses providers, documentation completion, full academic and professional business, and management support services.

  • Promotional education videos (introduction/by each subject)
  • Promotional poster and banners
  • Business cards with low prices

Plus Provide

  • 200+ eBooks for college immediate starts(on various subjects) or online library option available
  • 100+ ready-made courses ready to register with CPD.


Your implementation is online with continental, multinational educational norms.

While collaborating with us, families have connections to our network of over 400+ tutors, coaches and advisors.

 THEIBMC consultant still lets its students win entry into the finest colleges in the country. This is critical since students who work with us are up to four times more likely to receive a bid.


  • Also, create(ready to hands) various college policies, inductions packs, regulations guidebooks, and letters.
  • Lesson Plans
  • Curriculum plans
  • Safety, policies
  • Teaching plan
  • Assignment support services with teachers and instructors supply and CVs
  • LMS, SIS,C/SMS(College Management Systems ).


We are known to many top universities in EU/UK/USA. Canada and are approached for different ways of collaboration. Recently, we have collaborated with 6 separate universities .

TheIBMC international provides opportunities and direction for foreign students. Take a peek at the amazing findings below!

  1. Fee Digital Promoting Course
  2. Fee Management Course
  3. Free Cost Accountant Course
  4. Free Accountancy and Finance Course
  5. Free Managerial Skills Course
  6. Free Business Management Course
  7. Free Building Management Course
  8. Free How to Start a Consulting Business Course
  9. Free Induction to Business Ethics
  10. Free Report Writing Phases Course
  11. Free Customer Service Sector Course
  12. Free Event Managing Course
  13. Free Facilities Managing Course
  14. Free Fashion Strategy Course
  15. Free Fraud Avoidance Course
  16. Free Hotel Managing Course
  17. Free Human Resources Management Course
  18. Free Interior Project Course
  19. Free Internet Marketing Course
  20. Free Leadership & Managing Course
  21. Free Life Coaching Course
  22. Free Administration Course
  23. Free Project Management Course
  24. Free Public Relationships Course
  25. Free Risk Management Course
  26. Free Social Media Marketing Course
  27. Free Starting an Online Business Course
  28. Free Strategic Organizing Course
  29. Free Supply Chain Managing Course
  30. Free Teaching Associate Course
  31. Free Travel and Tourism Course
  32. Free Wedding Organizing Course

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