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  • DBA/PhD Fast Track Programmes Online(Blended) study  UK
  • Dual-Degree MBA/MSc/MA + DBA/PhD also available
  • Admission open with deposit and easy instalment with UK Visa sponsorship Plus/ ***
  • - 11 Jan 2021, April, June, Sept 2021
  • From $/£18000 full course with 30, 40 and 50% Scholarships Discount
  • Executive Aviation, Tourism Consultant,  EATC   Level, 4, 5, 6, 7 Five levels to choose  11 - 15 Jan, Feb, Marc, April, May, Jun 2021  from £499.00
  • Education Leadership Management: A to Z of Best Practices 6 Certificates programs to choose  11 - 15 Jan 2021
  • £/$499.00 each
  • Strategic  Leadership  Management  A-Z, level 7, level 8, Certificate Programs  to choose 18 - 22 Jan, Feb, March, April, Jun 2021 $/£499.00
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About Us





WHO IS TheIBMC? (International business management consultants).

An initiative by international professional Graduates, THEIBMC is a leading international supplier of skill-based education with Practical Professional experience, addressing the needs of 11,000(target for 3 years) members(estimated, various on location)across 20+ Countries. Our distinctive step-by-step, online learning model, along with amazing 500+ courses(plans to create) and 100+ Learning Courses prepared by top-notch professionals from the Industry support members, accomplish their objectives. All our education courses are Job oriented skill/practical/professional based courses required by most sectors. At THEIBMC, it is a subject of honour for TheIBMC to create job/practical, professional learning hands-on programs accessible to everyone, anytime and everywhere. Therefore, THEIBMC guarantee that individual can enrol 24/7, 365 days a year. Understand at a point in time and location, and pace that is of learners choice. Plan self-study to suit individual accessibility and timetable.

Started with only 40 courses F2F, Online

Courses reach up to 100+ and students across the world increased from 24356 distance learning, from Asia to Africa, EU and rest of the world

250 courses online, in-House training, Corporate training, Executive training programmes worldwide

including, Blended, Distance,in-class

for individual, corporate and SMEs

Vision to increase 1000 courses from Level 2,, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and target students 50,000

with offering worldwide training to individual, SMEs, using Artificial Intelligent AI




  • AI-learning
  • C-Learning
  • D-Learning,
  • E-learning,
  • F2F-Learning,
  • I-H-learning, ( In-House) learning,
  • M-learning,
  • P-Learning,
  • SM-learning,  
  • V-Learning.

Base on practical, theoretical, audio, visual, graphic, Video, PowerPoint PPT, with group activities, self-and general assessments. Group photos will be taken of each group attending the programmes,

and free supply to each student awards and photo taken the only image( PDF )images supply through emails, no hard copy of photos supply, only Hard copy of attending certificates will present end of training days.

  • No minimum qualification required, no formal qualification requirements must be over 16+ and at least 15 hours self-study required.
  • Good English listening, understanding, speaking, reading, writing skills  required
  • Dress code: Smart clothing  (no jeans and trainers please) T & C apply (only if Medical condition or special needs).
  • London area minimum 12 -30 attending required to do the training and over(T & C apply). Email to find the location and dates.
  • Outer London attending should be over 18 to 30 students(T&C apply) Email to find the location and dates and register your interest, up to 25% discount for multiple courses purchased, first full fee and all other on discount 25% of next courses.
  • Start on time, late arrival will not be allowed and refused entry, and no refund, unless  24 hours’ notice (T& C apply).
  • After successful completion, you may be allowed to use all course titles in your qualification and after your name. like Mr J Smith AACDMC **

The British Education System, its Levels and Equivalency

The UK has a variety of higher education opportunities. With more than 100 universities, included in The National Ranking and offering various degree programs for students from the UK and around the world, there is no shortage of options. In the UK about one-third of all students go on to some form of higher education and this number is well over 50% for students from Scotland. This makes competition for schools very fierce and so it is advised to apply early for courses.

Entry Level is the most basic form of qualification and usually provides an introduction to education. They aren’t generally compulsory. Entry-level qualifications are available in three different sub-categories, which progressively get more difficult: entry levels 1, 2 and 3. The Entry Level is perfect for Anyone looking to learn a new subject or language, as well as those looking to enter formal education.



The ideal qualification if you’re just starting your career in procurement or if procurement and supply are part of your role.


Advanced Certificate

This qualification is designed for those in an operational role who need the capability to carry out procurement and supply tasks.



A valuable management tool for those moving in to junior and middle management procurement roles or those supervising the procurement function.


Advanced Diploma

Provides senior buyers, contract and supply chain managers with the expertise to improve organisational procurement and to fulfil objectives.


Professional Diploma

Aimed at senior procurement professionals and heads of department. On successful completion you can apply for IBMC.

Under the curriculum is necessary to suit a variety of courses or modules that the student may manage.


This online course method may be useful to certain applicants who have to travel to another country because of technical reasons.


Besides, economic reasons are an additional burden besides tuition and living costs at various institutions worldwide.


The student may elect to research at his own time of need.


He could study methods of education learned in other countries.


With the Internet, today, accessing databases and knowledge is achieved without monetary expense.


Distance Learning raises the chance of individual growth.


Many universities offer honours degree and master's degree over the Internet.


Students could specialise in various business fields, including Foreign Business, Communications, and Project Management. If one joins the MBA curriculum, he can learn the requisite attributes needed to be responsible and competent at home and abroad.


To get decent employment, you can benefit from the combination of different technical training and academic climate. All will gain in any form of distance learning.


International S & C Educational Programs has sponsored students for research in England and America for two decades.

Level 1 (often achieved in Years/Class 10 and 11 of Secondary school) is the first formal rung on the numbered system of qualifications. This level is perfect for students aged 15-16, or anyone looking to further their education. You won’t necessarily have to complete an entry-level qualification to move onto Level 1.

Level 2 is the next step up from Level 1 (also often achieved in Years 10 and 11of SE). It is perfect for those aged 15-16, or anyone looking to further their education. Because of the high standard of their grades, Level 2 learners will usually progress to Level 3 professional qualifications.

Level 3 generally shows greater knowledge in a subject (often achieved in Years 12 and 13 of SE) or in centres for further education. It is perfect for those who are looking to continue their education at a University or a College, or who want to specialise in a particular subject

Level 4 is indicative of a greater understanding and a higher level of learning than that gained through core modules at the secondary education level. Level 4 acts as the bridge between level 3 and 5 and can help people progress to the next stage of education when they might not have been able to with their previous qualifications.

Level 5 demonstrates knowledge of a subject that goes beyond what was taught during secondary education. After achieving a Level 5 certificate students can proceed in a Top Up course at a University or a college for a year and get a Bachelor Degree. It is perfect for anyone looking to move on to university, or other forms of higher education.

Level 6 refers to qualifications gained at degree level, indicating the bearer has graduated from a centre for further education. It is perfect for anyone who wants to take their knowledge of a subject past secondary education level – whether that’s to gain a degree of a higher level NVQ or certificate. Also the first step for those looking to pursue a master’s.

Level 7 refers to a level of education equivalent to a master’s degree and is generally attained in a centre for further education. It is perfect for anyone looking for a qualification that validates knowledge beyond the degree level. After Level 7, there’s only one more level – a doctorate (PhD) or it is equivalent.


Level 8 refers to a doctorate level of education, often known as a PhD. Level 8 is perfect for anyone looking to achieve the highest formal level of education possible in England, Wales and Northern Ireland – and/or become a fully qualified Doctor.


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