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2nd Citizenship by Real Estate/Property investment or through Immigration process.


Britain’s vote to leave the European Union  create the demand of 2nd citizenship and Ireland and some other nationals from various part of the world rush to take their first nationality passport where their parents or grandparents from and also

individuals from across the globe will most likely increase as they seek to increase visa-free travel and international flexibility while at the same time protecting their wealth and family security.

5 of 8 Citizenship by Investment Programs in The Caribbean

Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia  Antigua & Barbuda, Citizenship by Investment

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8 Citizenship by Investment Programs


Country  Minimum Investment  and Time to Process, Residency Requirement, Visa Free  Countries Territories with able to keep Dual Nationality

Antigua & Barbuda      US$200,0003 to             4 months       5days in first    5 years   147        Yes

Austria.                         US$8-10 million             24 months         None  visa-free   179     Yes

Cyprus.                         €2 million                       3 to 4 months   None   visa-free  171     Yes

Dominica.                      US$100,0003 to           4 months           None   visa-free  133     Yes

Grenada.                       US$200,0003 to           4 months           None  visa-free  135      Yes

Malta.                            €650,0006 to                24 months 1 year before naturalization   181    Yes

St Kitts & Nevis.            US$250,0004 to           6 months           None  visa-free   144    Yes

Saint Lucia.                   US$200,0003 to           4 months           None  visa-free    145    Yes


all information are only guide purpose, will update as the first consultation will be conducted with clients before the application process begins and with confirmation from our immigration/residency advisor who takes your case.


Kindly also noted that in addition to the minimum revenue investment, applicants will also require some addtional fees for the government department, and consultant advisory fees which will add from above investment, the funds required for securing Citizenship by Investment. Also, Program currently requires applicants to have a minimum financial support during the residency period which will be clients own living cost in the country of application.


For further information please send your enquiry.


High net worth individuals and their advisors researching second passport options are likely to come across the CBS 60 Minutes Passports for Sale report broadcast on January 1, 2017. This report should be viewed with caution as it presented dated information and didn’t offer a balanced view of the 5 Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs. These 5 Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs which are focused on raising much needed Foreign Direct Investment, provide the opportunity to secure a second passport in three to six months (


according to the news article, 19% of the world’s population hold citizenship from leading countries like Australia, German, Scandinavian, France, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and those in the European Union and Caribean. These Western and European countries despite their challenges are attractive to the global citizen from the remaining 78% born in such countries like (India, China, Russia, Indonesia, and Bangladesh, Nagira) because they are rich, wealthy, socially secure and traveler easier access to

 (over 170 countries)other parts of the Globe.


The European Citizenship by Investment Programs

Austria, Malta, and Cyprus have a Citizenship by Investment Program which provides an opportunity to work and live in any of country plus the other European Union countries. An all above passport also provides visa-free travel to Canada, China, and the United States. That is not the case for someone who carries Afghanistan India, Chines, Russian, and Indonesian passport.